Here at Endicott-Woods we believe in reusing nature‚Äôs resources as much as possible. Here are just a few areas of our business where we are taking a greener approach to promoting a healthier environment now and in the future:

* With the help of our screener, we recycle dirt by screening out the rocks and debris leaving fine screened dirt that can then be utilized for a multitude of tasks.

*We recycle most brush debris by having it turned into rich garden mulch that can we can then use to make our mixed topsoil. This mixed topsoil is ideal for all purpose planting.

* Our crusher enables us to recycle concrete, producing a backfilling material that can sometimes be used as a slightly cheaper substitute for drain rock depending on the job requirements

* We grind asphalt debris producing asphalt grindings that can then be utilized as an alternative to certain gravel driveways or parking areas, but without the high costs of a complete paving job.

* We recycle trees, root wads and all, by using them for re-channeling canals, environmental restoration, and creek restoration projects.

* We reuse all the oil from the oil changes we do on our fleet by heating our shop in the winter instead of electric or natural gas heating.

By doing just these few things, we are doing our small part to sustain the environment and also helping to keep costs affordable for our customers.